Footbik в социальных сетях
A new level of child development based on the foundation of "The way of the champion" and TechnoFootball programs for children aged 5 to 7.
The course lasts 10 months - 84 sessions.
The program consists of 12 levels of 6 lessons each.
During this period, your child learns the following skills:

CREATIVITY. Achieving a goal is often determined by the ability to find non-standard solutions. This is where the ability to analyse a situation and interpret it creatively is developed.

Thinking strategically and selecting the best tactics in a fast-changing environment allows a child to learn to plan steps towards success consciously.

SYNCHRONISED WORK OF THE LEFT AND RIGHT HEMISPHERES OF THE BRAIN. Football is one of the few disciplines that trains synchronous work of both hemispheres and thus the ability to extensively and capaciously recognize and process information.

SPEED OF REACTION. An active game requires quick decision-making, reaction to variables and the ability to calculate moves that will lead to success.

THE PHYSICAL PREPARATION OF A CHAMPION. Basic physical training units on coordination, ball and body skills remain on the program.
SmartFootball is an advanced program for older children from 5 years old, so the motivational system in it goes to a new level. Instead of homework and assessments, team football games and duels are held.
Reach new heights of physical and intellectual development with the SmartFootball program!


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