Footbik в социальных сетях
The next stage in a child's development after the basic program "way of the champion" for children aged 4 to 7.
The course lasts 10 months - 84 sessions.
The program consists of 12 levels of 6 lessons each.
During this period your child learns the following skills:

PURPOSEFULNESS. To reach higher levels of body and ball skills, your child develops determination and diligence, learns to achieve goals through hard work and strengthens their motivational mechanisms.

FOOTBALL TECHNIQUE. At this level, the child receives training that opens the door to big sport. At sectionals for football teams, our pupils have a distinct advantage over other children.

COMPETITIVENESS. The stakes are higher, which means you have to put in more effort to achieve good results: the first victories and defeats teach you not to give up, to set a goal and fight for it.

TEAMWORK. Interaction with similarly motivated and goal-oriented peers trains a child's teamwork skills. Cooperation, rivalry, friendship - life on the football field becomes training for the big world outside.

PHYSICAL FITNESS. In addition to general physical training, training in complex football feints is also included. This requires good coordination, reaction speed and endurance.
Each of the 12 levels culminates in an EVALUATION and allows the child to celebrate progress, set next goals and determine their competitive position in the group.
Master a new level of early development with TechnoFootball!


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