Footbik в социальных сетях
Way of the champion
The basic program of the Dutch Total Soccer Method for children aged 3 to 7.
The course lasts 10.5 months - 84 sessions.
The program consists of 12 levels of 6 lessons each.
During this period the child learns the following skills:

MOVEMENT COORDINATION. The exercises develop reaction and movement speed, body balance and quick thinking.

BODY CONTROL. Playful activities teach how to make and implement good decisions, laying the foundation for a healthy body and better athletic performance.

BALL HANDLING. Exercises with the ball help learn basic football skills, the basics of football technique and confident behaviour on the field.

SOCIAL SKILLS. Teamwork teaches cooperation, healthy rivalry and competition. Social interaction with peers and coaches develops social skills and helps students become more socially active.

ENGLISH. Exercise is interspersed with English language training and develops a child's intellectual abilities.

PERSONAL QUALITIES. The child learns to be independent, confident and to achieve goals in productive ways.

Each level of the program ends with an ATTESTATION: so the child, parents and coaches can track progress, celebrate successes and shape the child's motivational system.
"The way of the champion is the most suitable program choice for the balanced development of your child.


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